Kaleidoscope Kitchen strives for a community that comes together regardless of race, ethnicity, and religion to celebrate identity and diversity through food and storytelling.


Affordable Kitchen Rental

Rent our licensed, commercial kitchen at below market rates to kickstart your small business.

$12/hr for residents of Binghampton
$15/hr for nonresidents

Food Entrepreneur Training

Our 13-week Culinary Basics for Food Entrepreneurs curriculum prepares those already passionate about cooking to refine their craft to a professional level and turn it into a business model. 

Contact us (below) for more information about joining our next Culinary Basics for Food Entrepreneurs cohort. 

Food Sales Opportunities

We coordinate catering, food sales events, and other opportunities to help launch small businesses. Let us cater your next event. And, don’t miss our 3rd Annual Kaleidoscope Food Festival on Saturday, April 13th 2019!


Contact Kaleidoscope

To schedule a tour of our kitchen, get more information about entrepreneur training, or inquire about catering services, please contact Emalea Rieckhoff:



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