Binghampton Development Corporation
"One of the most effective ways to reduce crime in a neighborhood is through housing redevelopment…"

- Noah Gray

Residential Development

The BDC is committed to reversing the neighborhood’s declining homeownership level as well as transforming vacant and blighted properties, which are a prime driver of neighborhood crime.

Since 2003, the BDC renovated 90 housing units and constructed 17 new houses. While the priority of the property development is blight removal and support for affordable homeownership, the BDC develops strategic multi-family properties and manages approximately 70 housing units in rental service. The renovations include the redevelopment of two severely distressed apartment properties on Tillman into Hope Community (seniors) and Tillman Crossing (low income) Apartments. The aggressive acquisition and redevelopment of high-quality housing units by a neighborhood-based non-profit developer further serves community development by inspiring hope for the neighborhood’s future and helps offset the potentially negative impacts of rapid gentrification.

Tillman Crossing Apartments

The BDC has recently purchased and renovated an 18 unit apartment building/ Tilllman Crossing apartments are affordable, conveniently located and right on the Shelby Farms Greenline!

Hope Community Senior Apartments

In 2006 the BDC purchased a severely blighted and drug-riddled 20 unit apartment complex on Tillman and created Tillman apartments, Inc. to redevelop the property for area seniors.

Binghampton Development Corporation
"When that store gets here it's going to be beautiful."

- Margaret Gilland, a life­long Binghamton resident.

Economic Development

The Binghampton Gateway Center will be a 48,000 square foot grocery-anchored commercial center at the southeast corner of Tillman & Sam Cooper.

This project has been in the works for over ten years. As a response to resident input, the Binghampton Gateway Center will address significant community needs with the goals of improving food access, increasing the job base and building hope. The primary beneficiaries of the Binghampton Gateway Center will be the residents of Binghampton, although the commercial development will serve the general Memphis public at an accessible central location with attractive amenities.