Wishing Ruth a Happy Retirement

Ruth Gibson has been a certified Housing Counselor for over 20 years and has served the community of Binghampton for close to 8 years. As of the end of June, Ruth has retired from the BDC. And, we will miss her dearly. When asked if she’d allow us to announce her retirement and share a little of her story on our blog, Ruth was less than thrilled. You see, Ruth Gibson is a rarity. Her selfless, positive demeanor shies away from any sort of spotlight. Even the hint that she may get special attention makes her squirm. Nevertheless, with aRead More


We are excited to introduce to you our new blog space—This is Binghampton! As of July, the BDC is celebrating 14 years of serving the Binghampton community. While our efforts have evolved and programs have grown, our mission stands firm—to improve the quality of life in the Binghampton community. Located at the core of Memphis, Binghampton has experienced economic stress like no other. From high unemployment rates to rampant blight, this neighborhood has endured. And, the residents of the community stand proud. Holistic community development doesn’t happen quickly and tends to progress in a timeframe equivalent to “watching paint dry.”Read More